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Testimonials from People I've Worked With

Below are letters I've received...


I had the pleasure of attending Lucy's classes on numerous occasions. Her methods are easy to follow and the outcome I found exceeded all my expectations. Her teaching enabled me to overcome obstacles that previously plagued me. These days, I felt nothing can hold me back. Doing things that frightens me in the past is no longer an issue. This is what Lucy's teaching is all about. I felt stronger, mentally and physically. She shows me how to taken on the world.

Metuchen, NJ


Upon entering one of Lucy's classes what she says to everybody is what she lives. "Leave your shoes and your troubles by the door."

Lucy opens the door, and welcomes everybody into her yoga and meditation class. She is eager to help everybody leave the troubles they may have by the door, and find new beginnings in their life.

Her special energy not only transcends to her yoga classes, but also gives private energy sessions where she helps people find their own way to their healing journey. In these sessions she sometimes uses yoga breathing techniques to help calm the mind and body. Her energy is unique; tapping into it creates a calming and soothing sense.

Lucy is always on the go but came to visit me when I was in an accident. She came to my house and helped me to find my positive energy to heal. It isn't as if you heal immediately but the energy begins to circulate in your body, thus giving you the opportunity to heal yourself.

Some people live their lives in a type of automatic mode, never stopping to take a breath or to look at the flowers with a beautiful environment that abounds. Lucy always gives a homework assignment at the end of class to make sure people notice the beautiful environment that abounds them. Lucy wants everybody to appreciate their environment and find happiness.

I hope that everybody has an opportunity to experience Lucy's yoga and meditation classes, as well as procure her as a healing coach.

Somerset, NJ


Lucy is a natural born healer and an extraordinary human being. Her healing sessions have made me get in touch with a special place within and I feel rejuvenated and completely relaxed after our sessions. She has taught me simple strategies that have helped me deal with stress and anxiety.

Westmount, NJ

Luciana's energy is contagious and she really knows how to lift your spirits up and make you feel happy and healthier. Her classes are wonderful for all levels and she is very intuitive with guiding you at your level. I am grateful for having found her classes and I look forward to every Friday class!

Thank you, Philis M.

Lucy's classes are both physically and spiritually rewarding. She has made my outlook on life change and I am honestly a more happier, light-hearted individual. She has introduced me into the world of energy medicine and I am forever changed. I would highly recommend her energy healing sessions.

Namaste! Joana T.

Luci's energy is contagious.  I feel immediate change in my demeanor and well-being as soon as class is over.  She helps me get in touch with a special safe-haven place inside me. Love her classes, especially savasana meditation!

Love, Devi

Message from Luciana, Mind & Body Healer

The physical body arises out of the energy field, thus an imbalance or distortion in this field will eventually cause a disease in the physical body and/or mental state that it governs.

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